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Spalted Maple Gent Fountain

Spalted Maple Gent Fountain Pen

This Gent style fountain pen is made from spalted and stabilized Maple. It is a light color with unique striped body. Spalting is what happens to a tree as it starts to die, creating unique stripes through the wood. Mother Nature in action! You never know what you will get until it is finished. Each of these pens are one of a kind!

This pen is called the Gent fountain pen. Made with Titanium Gold and Silver plating, it features a luxurious, hand-casted design on the center band, cap and lower finial. This pen uses a #6 fine nib. This pen is NOT "postable," which means the cap will not go onto the back of the pen.

Fountain pens include a siphon converter for using your own bottled ink, and accepts a universal fountain pen refill. Refils are available on my website, online in many colors, and at most office supply stores.

This pen includes a gift box, and is available in other materials. Please contact me for special requests!

Maple Gent Fountain PenMaple Gent Fountain Pen

Maple Gent Fountain PenMaple Gent Fountain Pen



Price: $179.00



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