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NOTE: Most items listed are one of a kind, while others are made to order within a few days.

Metro Pen

American Patriot Bourbon Pens - Ballpoint, Rollerball Pens

This style pen is called the "American Patriot". This is one of my favorite designs.

Proclaim your national pride and love of country (and bourbon) with this most patriotic pen. Rich design details abound. The pen clip features an American flag and bald eagle emblem. The pen end features a laurel leaf, a symbol of victory and a popular motif in the Federal style of architecture. God Bless America is etched into the pen band. The Antique Brass or Antique Pewter will add a sense of warmth and history to this handmade creation. These have an excellent weight and balance.

Ball Point:
Twist mechanism. Twist at the middle of the pen to extend the ink. Excellent weight, balance, and a smooth writing performance with a Parker style refill.

Twist to remove the cap from the post. This design is "postable," which means the cap can twist onto the back of the post for storage and balance while writing. Schmidt, Schneider, Pilot G2 style refill. Any that are the same shape will fit. Refills are available below and at most office supply stores.

Fountain Pen:
Sorry -- this design was discontinued by the manufacturer. They are gone!

Jim Beam • Jack Daniels • Makers Mark • Four Roses • Barton 1792 • Elijah Craig
Wild Turkey • Woodford Reserve • Buffalo Trace • Bulleit • Knob Creek

Ball Point Version

American PatriotAmerican Patriot

American Patriot


Rollerball Version

American PatriotAmerican Patriot

American Patriot

Each pen made by me comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, a sample scrap of the barrel it was made from
(you can still smell it!), and a presentation sleeve. Custom engraving and gift boxes are available for an additional fee.


American Patriot Pens
American Patriot Pen Wood Flavor
Laser Engraving, $10, 12 ltrs
Add a Gift Box

Ink Refills and Upgrades

*These are novelty gifts and not officially licensed products.


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