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NOTE: Most items listed are one of a kind, while others are made to order within a few days.

Bolt Action Pen

Bourbon Pens Best Sellers

The pens shown here are some of my best selling items. All are customizeable!



Jim Beam • Jack Daniels • Makers Mark • Four Roses • Elijah Craig • Barton 1792
Wild Turkey • Woodford Reserve • Buffalo Trace • Bulleit • Knob Creek

Gothic Skull PenBolt Action ChromeBolt Action Pen

SteampunkArt DecoGentlemen Pen

Cigar PenLever Action

Antler & Bone

Each pen made by me comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, a sample scrap of the barrel it was made from
(you can still smell it!), and a presentation sleeve. Custom engraving and gift boxes are available for an additional fee.


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*These are novelty gifts and not officially licensed products.