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NOTE: Most items listed are one of a kind, while others are made to order within a few days.


Razors & Shaving Sets

The razor handles, stands, and matching brushes are all made from either acrylic or stabilized wood to avoid absorption of water.
"Stabilized" wood has been permeated with a hardening substance to seal all pores.

For the sets with a shaving brush, the brush bristles are silver tipped badger hair.

Please check my Etsy site for a complete current listing of what I have in stock, or request a custom design today!

Most of these items are one of a kind, but a similar one may be made to order within a few days. Finished shapes and figure of the wood may vary slightly from the photo!


Razor and Matching Stand

Bourbon Shave Set

Jr. Gent in goldJr. Gent in gold

Other photos coming soon

2 Pc Shave Set Material
Bourbon flavor



*These are novelty gifts and not officially licensed products.

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