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Walt Disney's Garage of Dreams Pen

This gorgeous pen has a piece of wood from Walt Disney's first garage studio embedded in the acrylic. You can own a piece of Disney history! Perfect gift for the super fan in your life!  

The wood embedded in this pen is from Walt's first garage studio in Hollywood, California. When Walt Disney came to Hollywood in 1923, he roomed at his uncle Robert's house at 4406 Kingswell Avenue. He built an animation stand in that garage, and worked on an animated reel of cartoon jokes which he tried to sell to the Pantages Theater Co.

The garage-turned-studio was sold in 1982 and moved to the Garden Grove Historical Society, and has been on permanent display at their outdoor museum for the past thirty plus years, just a few miles from Disneyland. Leading the 1982 team that purchased and moved the garage was Disney employee and ran Arthur Adler. When the garage was moved, Adler saved the small pieces of wood that splintered off the garage during dismantling. These pieces, which were too small to to be used in the restoration of the garage, were sold to Walt Disney fans who appreciate the significance of having a little bit of Walt's first Hollywood workshop/studio as part of their personal collection.

This pen style is called the "Jr. George" pen. The Fountain pen uses a universal style cartridge refill, and also includes a siphon converter for using your own bottled ink. It has a fine Dayacom #6 nib. The Rollerball version uses a Schmidt, Schneider, or Pilot G3 refill, available at any office supply store.

This pen includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a gift box.






Disney Garage of Dreams Pen -- Includes gift box and certificate

$249 -- Roller Ball

$259 -- Fountain Pen

Disney Pen


*These are novelty gifts and not officially licensed products.


NOTE: Some items listed are one of a kind, while others are made to order within a few days.

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