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Harry Potter wood


Harry Potter Pens - Christ Church College Great Hall

This wood came from the floors of Christ Church College Great Hall, where parts of the Harry Potter series were filmed. Perfect gift for the super fan in your life!  

Each pen includes a gift box and Certificate of Authenticity detailing the history of the wood. There may be nail holes showing in the wood that will be filled.

There are three versions of this pen currently on hand, and others are being added as time allows. One is a twist style Cigar pen using a Parker refill, the Zephyr style using a Parker refill and a top twist, and the Jr. Gent style pens, available in a rollerball and fountain pen style. I have a VERY limited supply of this wood.


Harry Potter woodHarry Potter wood

Harry Potter woodHarry Potter wood

Harry Potter woodHarry Potter wood

Christ Church HP Pen Style


Laser Engraving, $10, 12 ltrs


*These are novelty gifts and not officially licensed products.


NOTE: Some items listed are one of a kind, while others are made to order within a few days.

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